Breaded Cauliflower Antipasto

Breaded Cauliflower Antipasto the ultimate snack to keep hungry guests under control before a holiday meal but it’s also perfect for a game night. Jan was first introduced to this delicious snack or antipasto during an Easter dinner almost 40 years ago at Vito’s parents’ home.  Curiously, while popular in Italian-American households, it is rarely seen on a restaurant menu. Ever since the first bite, you will be in love with Breaded Cauliflower Antipasto. Try it yourself, perhaps as an appetizer before Beef Braciole, and enjoy!

Breaded Cauliflower

Prep Time: 10 minutes, Total Time: 1 hour.

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  • 1 medium to large white or orange Cauliflower, cut into bite-size florets
  • 3 large Eggs, beaten in a shallow bowl
  • 1 ½ cup of Unseasoned Breadcrumbs on a dinner plate
  • ½ cup of Cooking Oil, recommend Olive/Canola Oil blend, more as needed
  • Salt to taste

Breaded Cauliflower


  1. Set-up your assembly line as follows from right to left:
    • Bowl with cauliflower florets
    • Bowl with beaten egg
    • Dinner plate with breadcrumbs
    • Large wide frying pan
    • Platter with two layers of paper towels
  2. Heat the oil in the frying pan over a medium heat, i.e. no blue clouds of smoke
  3. Place four cauliflower florets in the egg and turn to coat.
  4. Move egg-coated florets to the bread crumbs plate and coat.
  5. Place the breaded florets in the flying pan and repeat with 4 more florets so you have 8 florets frying at a time.
  6. Fry on all sides, turning gently with tongs, until golden brown and remove move to the platter.
  7. Add some additional oil to the pan as needed, waiting until the oil is hot until proceeding to fry again.
  8. Transfer the breaded cauliflower to a serving platter, season with salt and serve.

Breaded Cauliflower


  • Use the assembly line method as this will minimize the clean-up.
  • Wear an apron in case of spattering.
  • Use long-handled BBQ tongs to turn the florets while they are frying.
  • Make sure the platter with the fried breaded cauliflower is not too close to the stove as to prevent the paper towels from catching fire
  • You can serve the cauliflower with your favorite marinara sauce at room temperature or just as is, which is how I like it.