Curry Wurst

Curry Wurst are the ubiquitous street food of Berlin, Germany.  If you are unfamiliar with Curry Wurst, here are some things to know: 1) they are pan-fried or griddled bratwurst, 2) there is no curry in the bratwurst, 3) the sauce was created by an industrious wurst vendor at her street kiosk in post-WW II Berlin using American (tomato ketchup) and British (Madras curry powder) air-dropped food supplies, 4) neither tomato ketchup nor Madras curry powder were consumed or likely even heard of in Berlin at that time.  Curry Wurst were taken to heart by Berliners and have remained as their favorite street food ever since and are enjoyed throughout Germany today.

Curry Wurst are normally eaten as just the bratwurst and sauce in Germany, though sides are available. We thought we’d serve ours on pretzel rolls, which work great and add another German food favorite to the dish. Easy and quick to make, yummy and a little bit messy, prepare some Curry Wurst at your home and enjoy!

Curry Wurst

Prep Time: 5 minutes, Total Time: 35 minutes. Yields 4 Curry Wurst.

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