Cuban Style Fried Pork

Cuban Style Fried Pork or Masitas de Cerdo or Carne Frita de Puerco is a very popular Cuban dish and can be found on the menus of most Cuban sandwich shops and restaurants. These crispy yet succulent pork cubes are traditionally served with Sautéed Peppers and Onions, fried and mashed plantains (known as fufu in Cuba or mofongo in Puerto Rico), moros y cristianos (black beans cooked with white rice) or Black Bean Sauce and a fragrant rice pilaf. 

Similar to Carnitas in that each recipe uses a two-step preparation method, the preparation of Cuban Style Fried Pork is quite different. Cuban Style Fried Pork is prepared by first making a mojo or marinade with a decided Caribbean twist; marinating the cubed pork in it for a long period imbues the pork with the marinade’s flavors and tenderize the pork at the same time, later the pork is drained and fried, both steps are very easy to do.  You will be surprised how tasty Cuban Style Fried Pork is when you serve it at your home.

Cuban Style Fried Pork

Prep Time: 40 minutes, Total Time: 55 minutes plus marinating time*.  Serves 4.

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