Sake Martini

We were first introduced to the Sake Martini at La Maison Japonaise restaurant in New York City in the 1980s, with its vibe of Art Deco Paris and Tokyo. Every time we make one, we think back on the restaurant’s fabulous fusion of Japanese and French elements, in the kitchen and at the bar, way before fusion cuisine became a “thing”.  While the bartender wouldn’t divulge his recipe, we think that we’ve faithfully recreated it here. Be sure to use a really clean and dry sake, likewise avoid a dry vermouth which is too forward or overly herbaceous.  We like to think that the vermouth is just kissing the sake on the cheek; it’s more of a memorable flirtation than a date with a significant other.

Our Sake Martini is clean, crisp and easy on the alcohol compared to its gin cousin; it’s the perfect post-work, pre-dinner cocktail, whether you’re the one preparing dinner or just keeping the chef company. Enjoy a Sake Martini with Tuna Tapenade, one is crisp and dry, the other is complex and rich; your palate will thank you.  Go ahead, have a Sake Martini, or two, and think of James Bond sipping one in the Ginza or maybe in Harajuku these days. 

Sake Martini

Prep 2 minutes, Total Time: 5 minutes. Yields 2 cocktails

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  • 1 oz dry Vermouth
  • 5 oz Sake*
  • Crushed Ice
  • 2 ½ inch cucumber slices*


  1. Add the vermouth and the sake to a cocktail shaker with the crushed ice.
  2. Shake for 15 seconds
  3. Place a cucumber slice* at the bottom of each martini glass.
  4. Using a strainer, pour the Sake Martini over the cucumber slice in each glass.


  • Use a dry Sake for a cleaner tasting martini.
  • Use only non-waxed cucumbers for the garnish.
  • Get creative and make fancy designs with your cucumber slices.

Sake Martini

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